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Following Public Comment at a local Board meeting is like listening to Stairway To Heaven. You’ve heard it before. There are many interpretations of the words. Somebody will put out a cover version, usually missing a few of the subtle parts. And, invariably, a prophet will warn that leadership has us on a Highway To Hell.

But I listen anyway.



It starts slowly, calmly, serenely.

The lyrics begin; uh, OK…I see…a bit metaphoric….

It continues, becoming a bit tougher to keep up with the story…

and it makes me wonder…

More aggressive now. Drums. Always with the drums.

there’s a bustle in somebody’s hedgerow…

The voice gets higher. More agitated. Still cryptic though.

Wait – a bridge – this could get interesting…

Guitar solo!

More guitar solo, but with counterpoint!

Louder, faster, wilder!!!!

Definitely listening very hard…

Crescendo…then back to calm serenity.

somebody’s buying a something to somewhere…

Head shaking, wondering “what the *&%# did I just listen to???”


A month later it comes back around. OK, I’ll give it one more listen…

The song remains the same.