Thoughts From The Back Of The Room Plane – In Absentia Version

I will be unable to attend the candidates forum, but I have some questions I’d like to  pose.


Given the complexities of Cambria’s issues, what specific skills and experience will you bring should you be elected?

What skill or experience do you see that is lacking in the current board roster?

How experienced are you in working collaboratively in high stress situations?  Can you give specific examples of successes?

How much specific experience or knowledge do you have in the key areas of Water Management and Infrastructure?

How familiar are you with local, county state and federal laws and regulations governing the issues Cambria is facing and will face over the next 4 years?

Can you identify specific issues – policies, decisions…that you currently take issue with? 

 What information – data, reports, studies…do you rely on to make your judgements?

If elected, what steps would you take to ensure the safety and stability of our water supply and supporting infrastructure?

How familiar are you with the current SWF?

Have you toured the facility and/or had in-depth discussions with the responsible people on the CSD staff?

Have you done an analysis on the current Draft EIR?  

What are your thoughts on the recent legal decisions regarding the Landwatch lawsuit?

What are your views on ongoing litigation?

Are you independent, willing and able to make decisions based on the overall good of the community?

Can you give more specific detail around your positions on the tone and tenor of the exchanges between the greater CCSD and the community?

How will you work to bridge the perceived divides, and bring more civility into the overall discourse?

Temperament – there has been a lot of talk about “bullying”.  What is your view on how a board member should behave in the face of overly harsh and vitriolic comments?

What is your view on public civility, and what would you – or what do you do to foster mature behaviors from all sides?

Should voters expect consistently high standards of behavior from elected Board members, even under the relentless pressure the board faces as the execute their responsibilities?

How do you change the perception of some voters who may view you as “colorful local characters” rather than serious-minded, experienced and capable leaders who can and will put in all the very hard work required of a Director?

I look forward to your answers to these and other important questions as we move forward as a community.